OAR 918-674-0055


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Each prefabricated structure required to bear the State of Oregon insignia of compliance shall be inspected by the Division or a certified third-party agency in accordance with an approved compliance control program and the appropriate Oregon Specialty Codes as defined in ORS 455.010 (Definitions for ORS chapter 455).


When use of a Division inspector is impractical, the Division may utilize the services of an inspector from a local authority having jurisdiction to perform inspections of prefabricated structures. The local inspectors must be certified by the Division in the appropriate discipline(s). The Division may utilize local inspectors to perform inspections of prefabricated structures in the plant or on site for incomplete structures, accessory buildings, alterations, conversions and repairs.


Except as directed by the Administrator, no inspections shall be made prior to the approval of plans and issuance of the notice of plan review. The approved plans and notice of plan review shall be available to the inspector upon arrival at the manufacturing plant.


All regular inspections shall be requested by mail, fax transmission, electronic-mail or telephone.


The Division shall be notified 48 hours, excluding weekends and holidays, before the requested time of inspection. Out-of-state inspections in locations more than 150 air miles from Oregon require a 21-day prior notice.


In-Plant Inspections:


Cover inspection requires each system constructed to be inspected prior to covering or concealing any portion of the electrical, plumbing, mechanical, fire safety, structural or insulation work.


Final inspection requires each system to be inspected after the construction noted in subsection (a) of this section has been covered and prior to the structure leaving the manufacturing plant;


Reinspection. A reinspection is required when corrections necessitating additional work to a particular system or systems of construction are identified by the authority having jurisdiction.


Out-of-State Inspections:


All out-of-state prefabricated structures intended for rent, lease, sale or installation in the State of Oregon under reciprocity agreements shall have Division approval and Oregon insignia of compliance prior to being shipped to Oregon;


The Division, to provide assurance that quality control and code compliance is maintained, may make out-of-state inspections as necessary.


Damage Inspection:


The local authority having jurisdiction shall report units that have been damaged in route to the building site, or during installation, so the Division may arrange for a damage inspection of the unit.


All prefabricated structures arriving at the installation site in a damaged condition, or damaged during installation, shall be visually reinspected in the field by the Division or the Division’s representative. When restoration is complete, a field reinspection is required to validate the Division’s initial approval.


Installation Inspection:


To complete the inspection and approval of the prefabricated structure, the local authority having jurisdiction over the construction site shall make an installation inspection;


A “hook-up” inspection shall be performed by the authority having jurisdiction prior to providing electrical power, plumbing and sewage connections to the structure. The manufacturer of the unit is not required to remedy damages or defects caused by on-site work by persons not within the control of the manufacturer.


Requested Site Inspections. Upon written request and payment of required fees the Division will perform advisory at-site installation inspections.


Incomplete Unit At-Site Inspection. Prefabricated structures designed and approved to be completed on-site by the manufacturer shall have a Notice to Local Enforcement Agency (NLEA) form completed by the Division or third-party agency and forwarded to the local authority having jurisdiction receiving the structure within two days of final approval. One set of Division-approved plans identifying the work to be completed on site shall be provided by the manufacturer at the site of each incomplete prefabricated structure. Incomplete units shall be inspected by the Division or by a Division approved inspector, at the building site, when completed, to validate the Division’s insignia of compliance.


Complaint Investigation. Complaints other than those received from a Building Official, must be submitted to the Division in writing. The Division shall notify the manufacturer of all complaints.


Audit Inspection. The Division may conduct unannounced inspections at any manufacturing site to review manufacturer’s production and compliance control procedures.


Upon discovery of any violations of the Oregon Specialty Codes or this rule, the Division or certified third-party agency shall verify the correction by inspection. If the correction cannot be verified during the initial inspection, the Division or certified third-party agency shall make a written report and require the corrective action to be held open for reinspection at the manufacturing plant.
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