Limitations of Actions and Suits

ORS 12.060
Suit or action on land contracts

  • time when they cease to affect the property


Unless suit or action to enforce a contract for the sale of real property is instituted in the county in which the real property is situated within five years from the date of maturity of the final payment provided for in the contract, or from the date to which the final payment shall have been extended by agreement of record, the contract shall not thereafter be a lien, encumbrance, or cloud on the title of the property.


When the purchase price fixed in the contract is payable in installments, the contract shall be deemed to mature on the date upon which the final payment would be payable if the minimum amount of the principal due on each installment had been paid as provided in the terms of the contract.
Chapter 12

Notes of Decisions

An action for personal injuries caused by breach of implied warranty is clearly one for which "different limitation is prescribed by statute" under ORS 12.010 and thus is not governed by provisions of this chapter. Redfield v. Mead, Johnson & Co., 266 Or 273, 512 P2d 776 (1973)


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