Limitations of Actions and Suits

ORS 12.140
Actions not otherwise provided for

An action for any cause not otherwise provided for shall be commenced within 10 years.

Notes of Decisions

This is the analogous statute of limitations to apply to a suit for reformation. Woodriff v. Ashcraft, 263 Or 547, 503 P2d 472 (1972)

When declaratory relief is sought as an alternative to other appropriate and otherwise available relief, the relevant limitations period for the declaratory judgment suit should be based on that of the underlying grounds for relief. Brooks v. Dierker, 275 Or 619, 552 P2d 533 (1976)

Enforcement of equitable restraining orders or injunctions is presumed to not violate doctrine of laches if commenced during two year period applicable to criminal contempt proceedings. Oregon State Bar v. Wright, 309 Or 37, 785 P2d 340 (1990)

Law Review Citations

52 OLR 91-104 (1972)

Chapter 12

Notes of Decisions

An action for personal injuries caused by breach of implied warranty is clearly one for which "different limitation is prescribed by statute" under ORS 12.010 and thus is not governed by provisions of this chapter. Redfield v. Mead, Johnson & Co., 266 Or 273, 512 P2d 776 (1973)


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