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ORS 184.429
Powers and duties of board


In addition to any other duties or powers provided by law, the Sustainability Board:


Shall identify, evaluate, make recommendations and propose legislation, regulatory changes or policy modifications to agencies, the Governor, the Legislative Assembly, private entities or other bodies for the purpose of encouraging activities that best sustain, protect and enhance the quality of the environment, economy and community for the present and future benefit of Oregonians.


Shall develop and promote policies and programs that will assist in the meeting of sustainability goals specified in ORS 184.423 (Findings and goals regarding sustainability).


Shall submit a biennial report to the Legislative Assembly by March 31 of each odd-numbered year on the board’s activities and recommendations.


May apply for and accept, from whatever source, appropriations, gifts or grants of money or other property. The board shall deposit moneys received under this paragraph into the State Treasury to the credit of the Sustainability Board Fund established under ORS 184.435 (Sustainability Board Fund).


Shall consult with and seek comment from trade associations, organizations, businesses and other groups and individuals representing pertinent interests as part of developing recommendations.


Shall develop and promote proposals that jointly and mutually enhance local economies, the environment and community health for the present and future benefit of Oregonians.


Nothing in this section is meant to discourage or prohibit any person, group or committee from discussing or proposing mechanisms, including the modification of tax policies, to promote sustainability. [2007 c.875 §3]


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