Administrative Services and Transportation Departments

ORS 184.670
Purpose of ORS 184.670 to 184.733

It is the purpose of ORS 184.675 (Definitions for ORS 184.670 to 184.733), 184.685 (Purpose of department) to 184.733 (Department of Transportation Public Transportation Development Fund) and this section:


To provide a means of state financial assistance and coordination to meet the state’s most pressing mobility needs and to make transportation an effective and responsive force in achieving goals for social, economic and environmental development, and conservation of critical resources.


To foster the development of an integrated transportation system in which each component or mode, such as air, bus, rail or para-transit is encouraged to perform in a coordinated and complementary manner with other components or modes, and in balance with the public need and economic and social constraints.


To encourage more effective participation by the private sector in providing coordinated public transportation.


To provide for optimum and broader uses of federal funds as they become available.


To promote the continuation and development of privately owned intercity common carriers of passengers. [1977 c.230 §1]


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