Administrative Services and Transportation Departments

ORS 184.661


The Oregon Transportation Commission, through the Department of Transportation, shall develop a website.


The website must include:


A list of all transportation projects in the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program and for each project the website must include:


A description of the project and the project benefits;


The estimated cost and estimated completion date;


Updated information about the projects as they proceed, including the actual amount spent to date on the project; and


After a project is completed, updated information, including the amount a project is under or over the original estimated cost and whether a project was completed by the original estimated completion date.


Information on the reports required under ORS 366.774 (Authorized use of allocation to counties) and 366.790 (Authorized use of appropriation to cities) for all cities with a population of 5,000 or greater and all counties in the state, including the amount of transportation funds collected by each county and city and the source of the funds and the amount of money spent on transportation projects by type of expenditure as listed in ORS 366.774 (Authorized use of allocation to counties) (2) and 366.790 (Authorized use of appropriation to cities) (2). This information shall be displayed for the most current six-year period.


Information on the condition of Oregon’s transportation infrastructure, as required under ORS 184.657 (Describing and reporting condition of transportation infrastructure).


Information about the results the audits performed pursuant to ORS 184.639 (Internal auditor).


Links to all available county and city transportation project websites.


Links to websites about transportation projects receiving moneys from the Connect Oregon Fund. [2017 c.750 §12; 2018 c.93 §22]
Note: Section 12a, chapter 750, Oregon Laws 2017, provides:
Sec. 12a. The information required under section 12 (2)(b) of this 2017 Act [ORS 184.661 (Website) (2)(b)] is required only for years beginning on or after January 1, 2018. Nothing in this section precludes a city or county from providing additional information. [2017 c.750 §12a]


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