Administrative Services and Transportation Departments

ORS 184.689
Powers and duties of department

In order to carry out the purposes set forth in ORS 184.685 (Purpose of department), the Department of Transportation may:


Sue and be sued;


Acquire by purchase, lease, devise, gift or voluntary grant real and personal property or any interest therein, including access rights, and take, hold, possess and dispose of any such property or interest;


Conduct or carry out, subject to any other provision of law, field research, planning, financing, design, construction, acquisition, lease, preservation, or improvement of any public transportation system or any portion thereof, or provide for such activity by entering into agreements with any person or persons principally responsible for the operations of such public transportation system and possessing authority to enter into such agreement;


Enter into any other necessary agreements; employ agents, engineers, consultants and other persons as necessary and fix their compensation;


Construct, acquire, plan, design, maintain and operate passenger terminal facilities and motor vehicle parking facilities in connection with any public transportation system;


Advise and assist in the formulation of overall public transportation policies and plans;


Make necessary studies and render technical assistance to local governments;


Participate in regulatory proceedings affecting public transportation;


Assist local government, private and nonprofit operators of passenger transportation systems in the planning, experimentation, financing, design, construction, acquisition, lease, preservation, improvement, operation and maintenance of public transportation systems. The assistance may include loans, grants, or the provision of equipment or facilities or any rights therein by sale, lease or grant, or special grants to the users of said systems;


Subject to the provisions of ORS 184.705 (Operating agreements), enter into operating agreements with any person;


Receive and disburse funds from or to any person under contractual terms or according to other authorized state or federal procedures. When more than one carrier provides similar services in the same or related areas or corridors pursuant to a certificate of public convenience and necessity, the department may select a provider of service on the basis of written proposals evaluated under criteria established by the Oregon Transportation Commission;


Perform any necessary planning, administration, review or other functions required to be performed by the state or any agency thereof in connection with the allocation and distribution to any person of federal funds pursuant to the Urban Mass Transportation Act of 1964, as amended, or any other federal funding program for public transportation systems; and


Negotiate with existing passenger carriers to preserve or coordinate transportation schedules to upgrade the existing system of intercity transportation. [1977 c.230 §9 (enacted in lieu of 184.700)]


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