Administrative Services and Transportation Departments

ORS 184.675
Definitions for ORS 184.670 to 184.733

As used in ORS 184.670 (Purpose of ORS 184.670 to 184.733) to 184.733 (Department of Transportation Public Transportation Development Fund), unless the context requires otherwise:


“Director” means Director of Transportation.


“Department” means the Department of Transportation.


“Operating agreement” means an agreement for the operation or maintenance on behalf of the Department of Transportation of all or part of a public transportation system, but does not include agreements by which the department provides only financial or technical assistance or transportation facilities or equipment and which do not control routes, rates or levels of service, or agreements under which such control is exercised by the federal government through the department.


“Public transportation system” means any form of passenger transportation system, whether or not for hire, including but not limited to air, rail, other fixed guideway, bus, jitney, taxi and dial-a-ride passenger transportation systems within, between and outside of urban and urbanized areas, and including related passenger terminal facilities and motor vehicle parking facilities.


“Person” means the United States or any state or any department or agency of any of the above, or any nonprofit corporation or entity or any other individual, corporation or entity, either public or private.


“Bus” means a motor vehicle designed for carrying 15 or more passengers, exclusive of the driver, and used for the transportation of persons.


“Public transportation entity” includes a city, county, transportation district, mass transit district, metropolitan service district, Indian tribe as defined in ORS 391.802 (Definition for ORS 391.800 to 391.830) or private nonprofit corporation operating a public transportation system. [1969 c.599 §50; 1973 c.249 §23; 1977 c.230 §2; 1981 c.224 §1; 1989 c.171 §24; 1993 c.741 §15; 2003 c.751 §8]


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