Administrative Services and Transportation Departments

ORS 184.627
Real property inventory


The Oregon Transportation Commission shall compile and keep current an inventory of real property, in excess of the operating needs of, and owned by the Department of Transportation.


The inventory must include the following, for each parcel of real property:


A description of the real property and its current use.


An evaluation of future plans for the real property.


An assessment of the value of the real property.


This section does not apply to real property within a highway right-of-way that is used by the public.


The commission shall periodically review the inventory of real property. If the commission determines that a parcel of real property is not anticipated for use for transportation purposes in the reasonably foreseeable future and that disposition of the real property by sale, lease or other means would result in a substantial net benefit to the state to carry out the purposes of Article IX, section 3a, of the Oregon Constitution, the commission shall direct the department to dispose of the real property in the manner provided by rule by the department. [2017 c.750 §9]


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