Comprehensive Land Use Planning I

ORS 197.493
Placement and occupancy of recreational vehicle


A state agency or local government may not prohibit the placement or occupancy of a recreational vehicle, or impose any limit on the length of occupancy of a recreational vehicle as a residential dwelling, solely on the grounds that the occupancy is in a recreational vehicle, if the recreational vehicle is:



Located in a manufactured dwelling park, mobile home park or recreational vehicle park;


Occupied as a residential dwelling; and


Lawfully connected to water and electrical supply systems and a sewage disposal system; or


Is on a lot or parcel with a manufactured dwelling or single-family dwelling that is uninhabitable due to damages from a natural disasters, including wildfires, earthquakes, flooding or storms, until no later than the date:


The dwelling has been repaired or replaced and an occupancy permit has been issued;


The local government makes a determination that the owner of the dwelling is unreasonably delaying in completing repairs or replacing the dwelling; or


Twenty-four months after the date the dwelling first became uninhabitable.


Subsection (1) of this section does not limit the authority of a state agency or local government to impose other special conditions on the placement or occupancy of a recreational vehicle. [2005 c.619 §12; 2021 c.235 §1]
Note: See note under 197.492 (Definitions for ORS 197).


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