Organization and Government of Cities

ORS 221.120
City council

  • terms
  • vacancies
  • powers
  • meetings

Concerning the council of a city created under ORS 221.010 (Definitions for ORS 221) to 221.100 (Validation of incorporation under prior laws):


Three councillors shall be elected biennially.


At an election for electing councillors, the candidates who receive the three highest numbers of votes shall be deemed elected, and of these three the ones receiving the two highest numbers of votes shall hold office for four years and the remaining one shall hold office for two years.


A councillor’s term of office shall begin at the first council meeting in the year immediately ensuing the year of the election of the councillor.


The council shall fill by appointment vacancies in its membership.


The term of office of an appointee to an office of councillor shall be the remainder of the term of office of the immediate predecessor of the appointee in the office.


The powers of the city shall be vested in the council.


A majority of the members of the council shall constitute a quorum for action by the council.


No action by the council shall have legal effect unless concurred in by a majority of the council.


The council shall meet publicly at least once each month. [Amended by 2003 c.14 §102]


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