Organization and Government of Cities

ORS 221.867
Filling vacancies in city council of historic ghost town to form quorum

If a number of vacancies exist at the same time in the offices of members of the city council of an historic ghost town so that all the remaining members do not constitute a quorum for the conduct of city business, the governing body of the county in which the historic ghost town is situated shall appoint to the vacant offices the minimum number of qualified persons sufficient, with the incumbent members of the city council, to form a quorum. Persons appointed by the county governing body under this section, together with the incumbent members serving in office, shall appoint qualified persons to the remaining vacant offices. A person appointed under this section shall perform the duties of the office of member of the city council until the date on which, under the city’s charter, an elected and qualified successor could assume the office. On that date, the tenure of office of persons appointed under this section shall cease. Persons appointed under this section are eligible for reappointment. [1983 c.355 §2]
Note: See note under 221.862 (“Historic ghost town” defined).


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