Organization and Government of Cities

ORS 221.495
Local regulation of vehicles for hire

Cities and counties in this state are authorized to grant franchises, to license, control and regulate privately owned taxicabs, limousines and other vehicles for hire that operate within their respective jurisdictions. The power to regulate granted under this section includes, but is not limited to:


Regulating entry into the business of providing taxicab, limousine or other similar services.


Requiring a license or permit as a condition for operation of taxicabs, limousines and other vehicles for hire and revoking, canceling or refusing to reissue a license or permit for failure to comply with regulatory requirements.


Controlling the maximum rates charged and the manner in which rates are calculated and collected.


Regulating routes for such vehicles, including restricting access to airports.


Establishing safety, equipment and insurance requirements.


Establishing any other requirements necessary to assure safe and reliable service by such vehicles. [1985 c.475 §2]


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