Organization and Government of Cities

ORS 221.346
Enforcement of judgments of municipal court


Subject to the requirements of ORS 221.344 (Registration of municipal court), enforcement proceedings on a judgment docketed by a municipal court may include:


Writ of execution proceedings for personal property under ORS 18.252 (Execution) to 18.993 (Effect of ORS 18).


Proceedings in support of execution under ORS 18.265 (Debtor examination), 18.268 (Conduct of debtor examination) and 18.270 (Written interrogatories).


Garnishment proceedings under ORS 18.600 (Definitions) to 18.850 (Challenge to garnishment form).


In addition to the enforcement proceedings specified in subsection (1) of this section, a docketed municipal court judgment may be enforced by the court that rendered the judgment through the issuance of a writ of execution on real property under ORS 18.252 (Execution) to 18.993 (Effect of ORS 18). A writ of execution on real property may be issued by a municipal court only after a certified copy of the judgment or a lien record abstract for the judgment is recorded in the County Clerk Lien Record for the county in which the municipal court is located.


ORS 18.038 (Form of judgment document generally), 18.042 (Judgment in civil action that includes money award), 18.048 (Judgment in criminal action that contains money award) and 137.071 (Requirements for judgment documents) apply to judgments rendered in municipal courts.


The provisions of this section apply to all judgments docketed in municipal courts, including judgments imposed in violation proceedings and other criminal proceedings. [1999 c.788 §8; 2001 c.249 §76; 2003 c.576 §98]
Note: Section 62 (4) and (5), chapter 788, Oregon Laws 1999, provides:


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