Organization and Government of Cities

ORS 221.355
Agreement between cities for judicial services

Any city may enter into an agreement pursuant to ORS 190.010 (Authority of local governments to make intergovernmental agreement) with another city for the provision of judicial services. A municipal judge providing services to another city pursuant to such an agreement shall have all judicial jurisdiction, authority, powers, functions and duties of the municipal court of the other city and the judges thereof with respect to all and any violations of the charter or ordinances of the other city. Unless the agreement provides otherwise, and subject to the provisions of ORS 153.640 (Disposition of fines for traffic offenses) to 153.680 (Costs), all fines, costs and forfeited security deposits collected shall be paid to the prosecuting city, and that city shall reimburse the city providing judicial services for expenses incurred under the agreement. The exercise of jurisdiction under such an agreement by a municipal judge shall not constitute the holding of more than one office. [Formerly 221.335; 2011 c.597 §129]


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