ORS 316.806
Definitions for ORS 316.806 to 316.818

As used in ORS 316.806 (Definitions for ORS 316.806 to 316.818) to 316.818 (Proof of expenses):


“Construction job site” means the specific location of a construction project.


“Construction project” means the construction, alteration, repair, improvement, moving or demolition of a structure and appurtenances thereto.


“Construction worker” means a person who is a member of a recognized construction trade, craft, union or industrial occupation and who is lawfully engaged in the performance of labor, pursuant to contract or subcontract, at a construction project.


“Traveling expenses” means daily transportation expenses that:


Are not otherwise deductible under the federal Internal Revenue Code.


Are incurred by a construction worker in job-related travel between a construction job site located more than 50 miles from the principal residence of the construction worker.


“Traveling expenses” includes gas, oil and automobile repairs and maintenance, but does not include meals unless the construction worker is required by the employer to stay overnight at the construction job site. [Formerly 316.057]

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