ORS 316.844
Special computation of gain or loss where farm use value used


Notwithstanding any other provision of this chapter, when gain or loss that is included in federal taxable income is derived from the disposition of property and the gain, loss or basis computed with respect to that disposition involves, in whole or in part, property that was valued at the property’s value for farm use or as forestland under ORS 118.155 (1995 Edition), then there shall be added to federal taxable income the difference between the taxable gain or loss that would otherwise be determined under this chapter and the gain or loss that would be taxable had the basis for federal tax purposes been computed using the forest or farm use value provided for under ORS 118.155 (1995 Edition) instead of the basis computed pursuant to section 1014 of the Internal Revenue Code.


This section applies to gains and losses from dispositions of property acquired from a decedent, or from property the basis of which is computed in whole or in part with respect to property acquired from a decedent, whose death occurred before January 1, 1987. [Formerly 316.081; 1987 c.646 §13; 1997 c.99 §19]

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