ORS 357.008
State Library duties

  • free book loans

The State Library shall carry out the functions prescribed in ORS 357.001 (Legislative findings) and 357.002 (Policy) as follows:


The State Library shall support the needs and operations of state government by maintaining and developing appropriate collections of library services to supplement the collections and services of other libraries in this state and to meet the reference and research needs of state government.


The State Library shall provide library services to persons who are print-disabled by:


Acting in cooperation with the Library of Congress in the provision of library materials and services for persons who are print-disabled; and


Contracting with other entities to provide such materials and services.


The State Library shall promote the establishment, development and support of local library services by:


Expending moneys as may be available to the State Library to demonstrate, develop and support library services in accordance with long-range plans for statewide development and coordination of library services;


Providing advice and assistance to libraries, library boards, units of local government empowered to establish libraries and departments of state government in matters concerning the establishment, support, operation, improvement and coordination of library services and the cooperation among libraries; and


Providing for in-service and continuing education programs for library personnel in this state.


The State Library shall promote library services for children and youth by distributing to local libraries state grant funds appropriated to the State Library for library services and programs for children and youth.


The State Library shall prescribe the conditions for the use of government publications in depository libraries and provide for public access to state government publications.


The State Library shall biennially report to the Legislative Assembly and the Oregon Department of Administrative Services statistical data on:


The effectiveness of library services provided to state government;


The effectiveness of services provided to persons who are print-disabled;


The degree to which local and school libraries in this state provide library services to the people of this state; and


The scope and effectiveness of library services for children and youth funded by state grant funds.


The State Library shall carry out all other activities authorized by law for the development of library services for the people of this state.


The State Library shall lend State Library books free of charge to the people of Oregon through existing libraries. [2015 c.328 §2]


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Mar. 11, 2023