ORS 357.430
Methods of financing public library by local government unit

If a governing body acts under ORS 357.417 (Methods of establishing public library by local government unit) (1)(a) or (c), its order shall state the manner in which the local government unit proposes to finance the library, including the estimated amount of any annual tax levy necessary to provide for the library. If the governing body determines that financing may be had only through a local option tax to be submitted to the electors pursuant to ORS 357.525 (Election to authorize local option tax), the order shall so state. The notice, time and manner of election shall be governed by the applicable provisions of ORS chapters 250 and 255. [Amended by 1955 c.432 §7; 1961 c.251 §9; 1975 c.476 §19; 1983 c.350 §225; 1999 c.21 §69]


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