ORS 357.835
Transfer of public records to State Archivist


Except as otherwise provided by law, when the State Archivist has determined that public records are stored under conditions where they are no longer available for use or which are dangerous to the safety and protection of the records, or where no safe storage is available, all such public records or writings as the State Archivist may requisition as being of value or interest for the purposes mentioned in ORS 357.825 (Acquisition and custody of public records) shall be transferred to the custody of the State Archivist.


If a state agency is abolished or ceases to operate, its public records and writings shall be transferred to the custody of the State Archivist, except for records of functions transferred by law to other agencies and records needed for the liquidation of obligations or property of the agency. Records used in the liquidation of the agency shall be transferred to the State Archivist when the liquidation is completed.


The Governor, the Secretary of State and the State Treasurer shall deposit with the State Archivist for safekeeping in the custody of the State Archivist records of their offices that are used for historical rather than current administrative purposes. [Formerly 358.030; 1991 c.671 §9]


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