ORS 357.090
Issuing agency to make public documents available for distribution

  • public documents liaison officer
  • list of all public documents
  • no charge for access by library


Unless a greater or lesser number is agreed upon by the State Librarian and the issuing agency, the Oregon Department of Administrative Services or, in the event the department is unable to furnish the requisite number of copies of the public document, the issuing agency shall make available to the State Librarian for distribution to depository libraries 10 copies of all public documents that are printed or produced in any other tangible medium. The department may withhold the prescribed number of copies from each printing order and forward them to the State Librarian. The cost of printing for all copies of a public document furnished to the State Librarian in compliance with this subsection shall be borne by the issuing agency. An issuing agency shall make available to the State Library electronic versions of the agency’s public documents that are produced in a tangible medium. An issuing agency shall also designate all public documents that are published electronically so that the document may be made available to the State Library.


The head of each issuing agency or a designee shall be the public documents liaison officer for the agency and shall be responsible for carrying out the agency’s obligations under this section. Each issuing agency shall notify the State Librarian of the name of the agency’s public documents liaison officer.


Each issuing agency shall provide to the State Librarian an annual listing of all public documents, including those produced in electronic form, that the agency has made available to the public during the preceding year.


Issuing agencies shall not charge any public, school or academic library for access to information produced by the agency and maintained in electronic form. [1995 c.69 §5; 2001 c.539 §13; 2005 c.33 §4]


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