ORS 357.026
Board duties

  • rules

The State Library Board shall be the policy-making body for the State Library. The State Library Board shall:


Formulate general policies for the State Library to provide the framework for library operations;


Adopt rules to carry out the purposes for which the State Library is established or for any other purpose authorized by law;


In consultation with the Oregon Library Association, the Oregon Heritage Commission and other related organizations, adopt long-range strategic plans for the continued improvement and development of the State Library and develop key performance measures to track progress;


Review and approve budget requests for the State Library that align with the board’s long-range plans;


Develop, adopt and modify a technology plan, including long-range expenditures, for the purchase of subscriptions statewide, for reference-based databases, digitization of records for public libraries and integration of services provided by the State Library;


Conduct certifications of state agency libraries or library services under ORS 357.029 (Certification of state agency library or library service separately maintained from State Library);


Review and monitor the State Library and the State Library’s work in the State Reference Coordinating Council established under ORS 357.900 (State Reference Coordinating Council);


Administer the State Library Donation Fund for the benefit of the State Library, except that every gift, devise or bequest for a specific purpose shall be administered according to its terms; and


Report to the Legislative Assembly in January of each odd-numbered year on the State Library’s efforts to:


Achieve the statutory mission and programmatic outcomes of the State Library;


Implement initiatives and improvements to interagency coordination;


Implement initiatives and improvements to the electronic delivery of government publications and services;


Implement initiatives and improvements to State Library reference services to state agencies;


Enter into public, nonprofit and private partnerships and report the number of the partnerships entered into by the State Library; and


Reduce duplication in state agency services and costs related to the mission of the State Library. [2015 c.328 §7]


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Mar. 11, 2023