ORS 357.490
Library board general powers

In the ordinance or resolution establishing the library, the governing body shall determine the library board’s responsibility for:


Appointment of the librarian and staff, fixing their compensation, determining their working conditions and prescribing their duties.


Formulating rules and policies for the governance of the library.


Preparing and submitting an annual budget request.


Approving, or delegating to the librarian the responsibility for approving, all expenditures from the library fund or the public library building fund.


Acceptance, use or expenditure of any real or personal property or funds donated to the library, or purchase, control or disposal of real and personal property necessary for the purposes of the library, except that each donation shall be administered in accordance with its terms, and all property or funds shall be held in the name of the governing body.


Selection of sites for public library buildings or for location of library facilities.


Entering into contracts.


Such other activities as the governing body may assign. [Amended by 1955 c.432 §11; 1961 c.251 §15; 1965 c.354 §8; 1967 c.67 §19; 1975 c.112 §7; 1975 c.476 §24]


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