Evidence Code

ORS 40.345
Rule 607

The credibility of a witness may be attacked by any party, including the party calling the witness. [1981 c.892 §51]

Notes of Decisions

Where witness surprised prosecution by testifying contrary to prior confession, and state, under this Rule, introduced confession in order to impeach witness’ credibility, trial court did not err in admitting confession where testimony was crucial to state’s case. State v. Warren, 88 Or App 462, 745 P2d 822 (1987), Sup Ct review denied

Prohibition against calling witness for primary purpose of eliciting impeachment testimony does not apply where recanted statement constituting impeachment testimony is admissible on other grounds. State v. Swett, 158 Or App 28, 972 P2d 909 (1999), Sup Ct review denied


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