Juvenile Code: General Provisions and Definitions

ORS 419A.098

The Chief Justice, in consultation with the Supreme Court, shall adopt rules under ORS 1.002 (Supreme Court) that may include any procedures for the administration of the local citizen review board program regarding:


Removal of members of local citizen review boards;


The time, content and manner in which case plans and case progress reports shall be provided by the Department of Human Services or other agency or individual directly responsible for the care of the child or ward to the local citizen review board. These rules may require that such information be provided in shorter time periods than those contained in ORS 419B.443 (Time and content of reports), and that information in addition to that specified by ORS 419B.443 (Time and content of reports) be provided;


Procedures for providing written notice of the review to the department, any other agency directly responsible for the care or placement of the child or ward, the parents or their attorneys, foster parents, surrogate parents, mature children and wards or their attorneys, the appointed attorney or court appointed special advocate of any child or ward, any district attorney or attorney general actively involved in the case and other interested persons. The notice shall include advice that persons receiving a notice may participate in the hearing and be accompanied by a representative;


Procedures for securing or excusing the presence at the review of caseworkers and other employees of the department or other agencies directly responsible for the care of the child or ward;


Procedures by which boards can remove cases from review when such review is not required under federal law;


Grounds for removal of members;


Terms of board members; and


Organization of individual boards. [1993 c.33 §23; 1993 c.546 §6; 2001 c.962 §95; 2003 c.396 §§16,17]


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