Juvenile Code: General Provisions and Definitions

ORS 419A.112
Disclosure of information to participants in case review

  • confidentiality


The local citizen review board may disclose records disclosed to the local board under ORS 419A.102 (Access to confidential information by boards) to:


Parents and their attorneys;


Foster parents;


Mature children;


Mature wards;


The attorneys for children and wards; and


Other persons authorized by the local board to participate in the case review.


Before participating in a local citizen review board case review, each participant, other than parents, children and wards, shall swear or affirm to the board that the participant shall keep confidential the information disclosed by the board in the case review and to disclose it only as authorized by law. [1993 c.33 §34; 1997 c.328 §2; 1999 c.92 §5; 2003 c.396 §20; 2005 c.159 §3]


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