Juvenile Code: General Provisions and Definitions

ORS 419A.096
Duties of Judicial Department in administering boards


Subject to the availability of funds, the Judicial Department, in accordance with the direction of the Supreme Court of the State of Oregon, shall:


Establish and approve policies and procedures for the operation of local citizen review boards;


Approve and cause to have conducted training programs for local citizen review board members;


Provide consultation services on request to local citizen review boards;


Establish reporting procedures to be followed by the local citizen review boards to provide data for the evaluation of ORS 419A.090 (Local citizen review boards) to 419A.128 (State Citizen Review Board Operating Account), 419B.470 (Permanency hearing), 419B.473 (Notice), 419B.476 (Conduct of hearing), 419B.500 (Termination of parental rights generally) and 419B.502 (Termination upon finding of extreme conduct); and


Employ staff and provide for support services for the local citizen review boards.


The Supreme Court shall establish requirements and procedures necessary for compliance with subsection (1) of this section and shall direct the State Court Administrator to carry out duties prescribed by the Supreme Court relating to the administration of the local citizen review board program established under this section and ORS 419A.090 (Local citizen review boards), 419A.092 (Membership), 419A.094 (Additional boards) and 419A.098 (Rules). [1993 c.33 §21]


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