Juvenile Code: General Provisions and Definitions

ORS 419A.106
Review of cases generally


Except for cases removed from review under procedures established under ORS 419A.098 (Rules), the local citizen review board shall review the case of each child and ward in substitute care which is assigned by the court. The following provisions apply:


The review shall take place at times set by the board, the first review to be no more than six months after the child or ward is placed in substitute care and subsequent reviews to take place no less frequently than once every six months thereafter until the child or ward is no longer within the jurisdiction of the court, no longer in substitute care or until an adoption proceeding becomes final.


The court, by rule of the court or on an individual case basis, may relieve the local citizen review board of its responsibility to review a case if a complete judicial review has taken place within 60 days prior to the next scheduled board review. A complete judicial review is a hearing that results in a written order that contains the findings required under ORS 419B.476 (Conduct of hearing) or includes substantially the same findings as are required under ORS 419A.116 (Findings and recommendations).


The court shall notify the local citizen review board of a denial of a petition to terminate parental rights within 10 days of the denial. As soon as practical but no later than 45 days after the denial, the board shall review any case where a petition to terminate parental rights has been denied.


The local citizen review board may hold joint or separate reviews for groups of siblings.


At any review conducted under this section or at a court hearing conducted in lieu of that review, the court or local citizen review board shall inquire of those present as to the parent’s current address and telephone numbers and, if the parent has a contact person, the name, current address and telephone number of the contact person. When appropriate, the court may enter a protective order limiting disclosure of information obtained under this subsection. [1993 c.33 §30; 1993 c.412 §6; 2001 c.686 §§19,19a; 2003 c.396 §19]


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