Protection of Buildings From Fire

ORS 479.730
Adoption of rules by Director of Department of Consumer and Business Services

In compliance with ORS chapter 183 the Director of the Department of Consumer and Business Services, with the approval of the Electrical and Elevator Board, shall adopt reasonable rules:


Establishing, altering or revoking minimum safety standards for workmanship and materials in various classifications of electrical installations.


Establishing, altering or revoking electrical product safety standards for design and construction of electrical products to be installed in this state. The standards may allow the certification of electrical products that a testing laboratory approved by the director and the board under ORS 479.760 (Certification of electrical products) has tested and found to be safe within the electrical product safety standards established under this subsection.


Relating to the procedure for certifying and decertifying electrical products to be installed in this state. The Department of Consumer and Business Services, with the approval of the board, may limit the type of electrical products it accepts for certification under ORS 479.760 (Certification of electrical products) (3).


Prescribing times, places and circumstances that permits shall be exhibited for inspection.


Governing the internal organization and procedure for administering and enforcing ORS 479.510 (Short title) to 479.945 (Restricted energy contractor’s license) and 479.995 (Civil penalty for violation of ORS 479.510 to 479.945).


Establishing, altering, approving or revoking minimum standards for electrical training programs.


(a) Establishing which electrical products may be field evaluated by a field evaluation firm rather than certified;


Establishing cost-based fees, requirements and procedures for approving, maintaining and suspending or revoking approvals of field evaluation firms;




Requirements and procedures for the field evaluation of electrical products; and


Requirements and procedures for issuing field evaluation labels for the electrical products evaluated by field evaluation firms and testing laboratories;


Establishing requirements and procedures for preparation of reports regarding installation safety issued by field evaluation firms;


Establishing when an inspecting jurisdiction may require a report from a field evaluation firm; and


Establishing other requirements as necessary to carry out this subsection. [1959 c.406 §19; 1963 c.151 §7; 1971 c.753 §24; 1981 c.815 §25; 1993 c.398 §1; 1993 c.744 §126; 1995 c.706 §3; 1999 c.794 §2; 2001 c.411 §23; 2003 c.299 §6; 2005 c.435 §5]


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