Protection of Buildings From Fire

ORS 479.220
Institution inspection by State Fire Marshal

  • notification to licensing agency of noncompliance

When application is made for the initial issuance or reinstatement of a license or certificate of approval to operate and maintain an institution, or for an enlargement or addition to a licensed or approved institution, the licensing agency shall notify in writing the State Fire Marshal, and the State Fire Marshal or deputy, or the approved authority in the case of an institution located in an area exempted under ORS 476.030 (Powers and duties of marshal and deputies generally), shall within 30 days inspect the institution as authorized by ORS 476.150 (Entry and inspection of premises) and within that time shall notify the licensing agency in writing when the institution is not substantially in compliance with all applicable laws and rules. [1961 c.316 §3; 1963 c.202 §3; 1965 c.602 §23; 1967 c.89 §9; 1973 c.832 §13; 2009 c.595 §980]
§§ 479.210 to 479.220

Atty. Gen. Opinions

Authority of State Fire Marshal to adopt regulations, (1974) Vol 36, p 1102


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