Protection of Buildings From Fire

ORS 479.740
Factors to be considered in adopting rules

  • incorporation of standards by reference


In adopting rules under ORS 479.730 (Adoption of rules by Director of Department of Consumer and Business Services) the Department of Consumer and Business Services shall consider:


Technological advances in the electrical industry.


The practicability of following the standards under consideration, if adopted.


The probability, extent and gravity of the injury to the public or property which would result from failure to follow the standards under consideration.


Safety standards followed, proposed or approved by responsible members of the electrical industry.


After considering the factors in subsection (1) of this section, the department may incorporate by reference proposed safety standards of the electrical industry or independent organizations. The department may formulate and adopt independent safety standards if standards proposed by the industry and independent organizations are not acceptable to it. [1959 c.406 §§20,21]


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