Protection of Buildings From Fire

ORS 479.854
Authority of municipality to require license

  • approval of ordinance


A municipality may enact and enforce an ordinance requiring a municipal general supervising electrician’s license upon the approval of the Electrical and Elevator Board and the Director of the Department of Consumer and Business Services.


The Electrical and Elevator Board and director may approve an ordinance under subsection (1) of this section only if electrical installations within the municipality’s jurisdiction are of a unique character beyond the education or experience of a general supervising electrician licensed under ORS 479.630 (Requirements for obtaining licenses) (2), and the ordinance applies only to such installations.


The director, after obtaining the opinion of the board, shall revoke approval of an ordinance upon a finding that in issuing its general supervising electrician’s license, a municipality has engaged in a pattern or practice of discrimination against electricians from outside the municipality. [1983 c.580 §4]


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