Fairs and Exhibits

ORS 565.240
Rules and regulations

  • peace officers
  • appointment and powers

The board may make and enforce all rules and regulations necessary for the proper conduct and management of their respective fairs. It may appoint such marshals or police as may be necessary to keep order and preserve the peace during the time and at the place of holding the fairs and at all other times when the board deems such appointments necessary for the preservation of the peace and the protection of public and private property upon the fairgrounds. The officers so appointed have the same authority for the preservation of order and making arrests upon the grounds as would a deputy sheriff.
§§ 565.210 to 565.330

Notes of Decisions

County fair board is county agency and county is liable for its negligence. Dundas v. Lincoln County, 48 Or App 1025, 618 P2d 978 (1980)

Atty. Gen. Opinions

County fair associations as private nonprofit corporations, (1979) Vol 39, p 505


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