Fairs and Exhibits

ORS 565.580
Armory on state fairgrounds


Notwithstanding ORS 565.495 (Ownership and control of properties and facilities), the State Fair Council and the General Staff of the Oregon National Guard may enter into a mutual agreement for the use, by the council and the General Staff, of an armory building and appurtenant grounds at a location on fairground property and for the General Staff to exercise control over the armory and grounds for the period that such armory and grounds are used for military purposes. When such armory and grounds are no longer used for military purposes, the control over them shall revert to the council.


For purposes of this section, “control” does not include the power to sell, lease, mortgage or in any other way encumber an armory or grounds described under subsection (1) of this section. [Formerly 565.150]


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