Fairs and Exhibits

ORS 565.480
Director powers and duties


The state fair director employed by the State Fair Council under ORS 565.470 (State fair director) shall be entrusted with the day-to-day carrying out of fairground business operations and the operation of fairground properties and facilities.


The state fair director may contract for law enforcement or security services for fairground properties and facilities, including but not limited to law enforcement and security services during the Oregon State Fair.


In addition to any other duties, functions or powers, the state fair director may:


Establish charges and fees, including but not limited to charges and fees for admission to, and lease or rental of, fairground properties and facilities;


Conduct or authorize events, exhibitions and all manner of business at fairground properties and facilities consistent with the mission and purposes of the State Fair Council; and


Do all other things the director considers proper in the conducting of the annual Oregon State Fair or the operation of fairground properties and facilities as an exposition center.


The state fair director may delegate any duty, function or power of the director to a subordinate employee except the duties, functions and powers of the director under ORS 565.539 (Council finances). [2013 c.492 §6]


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