Fairs and Exhibits

ORS 565.575
Oregon State Fair location

  • use of fairground buildings and facilities


The Oregon State Fair shall be conducted on the state property, located in the City of Salem, historically devoted to Oregon State Fair purposes. The fairground properties and facilities described in this section must be dedicated for the conducting of the Oregon State Fair and for the operation of the properties and facilities by the State Fair Council as an exposition center.


The Oregon Department of Administrative Services may obtain or receive, by donation, exchange or purchase, properties and improvements adjacent to the fairground properties and facilities that the department, after consultation with the council, considers beneficial for the conducting of the Oregon State Fair and the use of the properties and facilities and, subject to the terms of any agreement described in ORS 565.495 (Ownership and control of properties and facilities), may conduct or approve the construction, repair or remodeling of improvements, properties and facilities as the department considers necessary or expedient for the conducting of the Oregon State Fair, the operation of fairground properties and facilities as an exposition center or other council activities. [2013 c.492 §13; 2017 c.485 §4]


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