Fairs and Exhibits

ORS 565.260
Fair board or agricultural society existing prior to June 4, 1913

If there existed on June 4, 1913, a county fair board, or an agricultural society in any county holding a county fair within the county, the board shall be considered the county fair board of the county by the provisions of ORS 565.210 (County fairs) to 565.310 (County fair not held), and shall be governed under the rules and bylaws already in force of the association, provided there is only one county fair held in each county. [Amended by 2005 c.22 §384]
§§ 565.210 to 565.330

Notes of Decisions

County fair board is county agency and county is liable for its negligence. Dundas v. Lincoln County, 48 Or App 1025, 618 P2d 978 (1980)

Atty. Gen. Opinions

County fair associations as private nonprofit corporations, (1979) Vol 39, p 505


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