Fairs and Exhibits

ORS 565.456
State Fair Council

  • mission and purposes of council


The State Fair Council is established as a public corporation and shall exercise and carry out all powers, rights and privileges that are expressly conferred upon the council, are implied by law or are incident to such powers, rights and privileges. The council is an independent public corporation with a statewide mission and purposes and without territorial boundaries. The council is a governmental entity performing governmental functions and exercising governmental powers but, except as otherwise provided by law, is not a unit of local or municipal government or a state agency for purposes of state statutes or constitutional provisions.


Unless otherwise provided by law, the council is not subject to ORS chapter 182, 183, 240, 270, 273, 276, 279A, 279B, 279C, 283, 291, 292 or 293 or ORS 35.550 (Definitions for ORS 35.550 to 35.575) to 35.575 (Precondemnation compensation not required), 183.710 (Definitions for ORS 183.710 to 183.730) to 183.730 (Review of rule by Oregon Sunshine Committee), 183.745 (Civil penalty procedures), 183.750 (State agency required to prepare public writings in readable form), 190.430 (Attorney General to review agreements), 190.490 (Approval of agreement by Attorney General), 200.035 (Notice to Governor’s Policy Advisor for Economic and Business Equity), 236.605 (Definitions for ORS 236.605 to 236.640) to 236.640 (Reemployment right of employee at end of cooperation agreement), 243.303 (Local government authority to make health care insurance coverage available to retired officers and employees, spouses and children), 243.305 (Policy of affirmative action and fair and equal employment opportunities and advancement), 243.315 (Director of Affirmative Action), 243.325 (“Public employee” defined) to 243.335 (Reimbursement to public employer), 243.696 (State agency representatives in bargaining), 279.835 (Definitions for ORS 279.835 to 279.855) to 279.855 (Entities that may obtain goods and services through Oregon Department of Administrative Services), 282.010 (Definitions for ORS 282.010 to 282.150) to 282.150 (Printing inaugural address of Governor), 291.050 (Definitions for ORS 291.050 to 291.060) to 291.060 (Report of fees to Legislative Assembly) or 656.017 (Employer required to pay compensation and perform other duties) (2).


The mission and purposes of the council are:


To conduct a state fair to be known as the Oregon State Fair for the education and entertainment of Oregon residents and for the promotion, preservation, growth and prosperity of the industries and interests traditionally represented in state fair activities such as agriculture, stock raising, horticulture, youth group involvement in agricultural, stock-raising and horticultural activities, viticulture, manufacturing, metal fabrication, technology and artistic, creative and cultural pursuits; and


To promote Oregon tourism related to the Oregon State Fair and fairground properties and facilities, and promote and further the preservation, growth and prosperity of other industries and activities important to the state economy by conducting the Oregon State Fair and using fairground properties and facilities.


To help fulfill the council’s mission and purposes, the council shall encourage residents in all parts of this state to participate in or attend the Oregon State Fair. The council may take any necessary or expedient actions to ensure that fairground properties and facilities are adequate and in good repair. The council shall operate the fairground properties and facilities as an exposition center, encourage the full utilization of the properties and facilities for revenue generation and make expenditures for the construction, repair, remodeling, maintenance, insurance and other needs of the fairground properties and facilities. Subject to any limitations established under this chapter, the council may take other actions the council deems necessary or expedient to ensure the financial viability of the Oregon State Fair and the exposition center or to promote the Oregon State Fair, Oregon tourism and other industries related to fairground business operations or fairground properties and facilities. [2013 c.492 §3; 2015 c.158 §34]


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