ORS 652.010
Declaration of public policy concerning maximum working hours in certain industries


It is the public policy of this state that no person shall be hired, nor permitted to work for wages, under any conditions or terms, for longer hours or days of service than is consistent with the person’s health and physical well-being and ability to promote the general welfare by the person’s increasing usefulness as a healthy and intelligent citizen.


It hereby is declared that the working of any person more than 10 hours in one day in any mill, factory or other manufacturing establishment or the working of any person more than eight hours, exclusive of one hour, more or less, in one day, or more than 48 hours in one workweek, as defined in ORS 652.020 (Maximum working hours in certain industries), in sawmills, planing mills, shingle mills and logging camps is injurious to the physical health and well-being of such person, and tends to prevent the person from acquiring that degree of intelligence that is necessary to make the person a useful and desirable citizen of the state. [Amended by 2017 c.685 §13]
§§ 652.010 to 652.080

Law Review Citations

51 OLR 44 (1971)


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