ORS 652.080
Computing hours on duty for purposes of ORS 652.060 and 652.070

In computing the average or total number of hours a week for the purposes of ORS 652.060 (Maximum working hours for firefighters) and 652.070 (Overtime pay for firefighters), authorized vacation or sick leave time shall be considered as time on regular duty. [1959 c.402 §4]

Notes of Decisions

Where firefighter union negotiated collective bargaining agreement with city for firefighters pursuant to Public Employees Collective Bargaining Act and agreement specified overtime calculations for firefighters, agreement did not supersede overtime calculations required under this section. IAFF, Local 3564 v. City of Grants Pass, 262 Or App 657, 326 P3d 1214 (2014)

§§ 652.010 to 652.080

Law Review Citations

51 OLR 44 (1971)


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