ORS 652.050
Definitions for ORS 652.050 to 652.080

As used in ORS 652.050 (Definitions for ORS 652.050 to 652.080) to 652.080 (Computing hours on duty for purposes of ORS 652.060 and 652.070):


“Firefighter” means a person whose principal duties consist of preventing or combating fire or preventing loss of life or property from fire.


“Regularly organized fire department” means any organization maintained for the purpose of preventing or combating fire and employing one or more persons on a full-time basis as firefighters.


“Volunteer firefighter” means a person who performs services as a firefighter for a regularly organized fire department and whose work hours and work shifts are voluntary and whose volunteer service is not a condition of employment. [Amended by 1983 c.319 §1]
§§ 652.010 to 652.080

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