ORS 652.540
Exception to claim

  • legal action on claim


Any person interested may contest all or any part of a claim mentioned in ORS 652.530 (Serving copy of statement), by filing in said court exceptions thereto, supported by affidavit, within 10 days from the filing of the report provided in ORS 652.530 (Serving copy of statement). Thereupon the claimant shall be required to establish the claim, by judgment in such court, before any part thereof shall be paid.


When any claim is excepted to as provided in this section, the person desiring to establish the same shall file in said court, within 30 days after the claim is excepted to, a verified complaint as in an action at law and serve it upon the person excepting, or the person’s attorney of record, and upon the principal debtor for the claim, or the principal debtor’s attorney of record.


Thereafter the cause shall proceed to final judgment between the parties as an action at law.


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