Professional Engineers

ORS 672.028
Practice of photogrammetric mapping without registration prohibited

  • seal required


A person may not practice photogrammetric mapping in this state unless the person is registered and has a valid certificate to practice land surveying, engineering or photogrammetric mapping issued under ORS 672.002 (Definitions for ORS 672) to 672.325 (Civil penalties).


A photogrammetrist shall, upon registration, obtain a seal of the design authorized by the State Board of Examiners for Engineering and Land Surveying. The registrant shall sign and stamp with the seal of the registrant each final document, including drawings, specifications, designs, reports, narratives and maps issued by the registrant. The signature and stamp of a registrant constitute a certification that the document was prepared by the registrant or under the registrant’s supervision and control.


A photogrammetrist may perform services defined as photogrammetric mapping under ORS 672.002 (Definitions for ORS 672). A photogrammetrist may not engage or offer to engage in an act constituting the practice of land surveying other than photogrammetric mapping. [2005 c.445 §2; 2009 c.259 §3]


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May 30, 2023