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ORS 672.585
Certificate of registration

  • renewal
  • fee
  • replacement


The State Board of Geologist Examiners shall issue a certificate of registration to any applicant who:


Submits an application to the administrator;


Pays the registration fee established under ORS 672.705 (Fees); and


In the opinion of the board, has satisfactorily met all the requirements of ORS 672.505 (Definitions for ORS 672) to 672.705 (Fees).


The issuance of a certificate of registration by the board shall be prima facie evidence that the person named on the certificate of registration is entitled to all the rights and privileges of a registered geologist, or certified specialty geologist, while the certificate remains unrevoked or unexpired.


Each year a person shall renew a certificate of registration at a time designated by the board.


A person renewing a certificate of registration shall:


Submit an application to the administrator before the expiration date of the certificate;


Pay the renewal fee established under ORS 672.705 (Fees); and


Demonstrate compliance with the continuing education requirements established under ORS 672.588 (Continuing education programs).


A certificate of registration that has expired for failure to renew may only be restored after application and payment of the prescribed restoration fee.


Reduced annual renewal fees for registrants reaching the age of 70 may be established by action of the board.


A new certificate of registration to replace any certificate lost, destroyed, or mutilated, may be issued subject to the rules of the board and payment of the fee. [1977 c.612 §11; 1997 c.643 §23; 2019 c.125 §3]


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