Professional Engineers

ORS 672.605
Seal of geologist

Each registrant, upon issuance of a certificate, shall obtain a seal of the design authorized by the State Board of Geologist Examiners, bearing the registrant’s name and the legend “registered geologist” or “certified specialty geologist.” All drawings, reports or other geologic papers or documents involving geologic work as defined in ORS 672.505 (Definitions for ORS 672) to 672.705 (Fees) that have been prepared or approved by a registered geologist or a subordinate employee under the direction of a registered geologist for the use of or for delivery to any person or for public record within this state shall be signed by the registered geologist and impressed with the seal or the seal of a nonresident practicing under the provisions of ORS 672.505 (Definitions for ORS 672) to 672.705 (Fees), either of which shall indicate responsibility for them. [1977 c.612 §12; 2001 c.232 §2]


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