Rule Rule 123-674-1600
Call Centers

For purposes of ORS 285C.135 (Requirements for eligibility)(5)(a):


A Firm/applicant and its operations are eligible, regardless of retail or financial services, if:


They serve the firm or its clients exclusively through computer, electronic, telephony or other telecommunication methods;


No more than 10 percent of the customers or business transactions come from inside the local calling area, in which telephone calls are normally made to and from the firm’s location in the enterprise zone without long distance telephone charges or service; and


Not engaged in telemarketing, but rather the firm is taking unsolicited orders or responding to prior instruction, including but not limited to:


Following-up on pledges or expressions of interest to the firm or its client;


Checking with users of client-supplied goods or services, for example, to continue or renew recently expired membership, contract, etc.; or


Collection of voluntarily incurred dues, fees or other charges payable to the client.


The percentage in subsection (1)(b) of this rule is:


First substantiated by the Firm/applicant or local zone manager with the Application or Preauthorization Conference;


Not predicated on the actual transaction or customer communication through a landline telephone call, but only on relative location as if it were;


Calculated by dividing the number of customers or transactions in the local calling area by the firm’s total, arising from the operations in the zone; and


Not dependent on precise calculation or verification, if the generally regional or national extent of the firm’s activities allow for a reasonable assumption of compliance.
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