Rule Rule 123-674-3200
Amending the Application/Authorization

For purposes of amending an application before or after its approval:


To substantively modify the Application, such that it reestablishes what might be exempt as described in OAR 123-674-3100, the Firm/applicant must formally deliver the amendment on or before December 31 preceding the initial year of exemption, including but not limited to:


Changing the Firm/applicant to that of another eligible business firm that has or is purchasing or leasing only qualified property of the Firm/applicant in contrast to subsection (3)(c) of this rule;


Revising the location of the property inside the same enterprise zone; or


Adding a structure or basic type of property absent from the Application, or distinct projects or operations entailing substantial new development.


The Firm/applicant may do so through written explanation delivered to the local zone manager and county assessor that is identified as an amendment, addendum, correction or the like in reference to the Application, without directly altering previously submitted materials, or for example, a Firm/applicant may submit a new, replacement Application as provided in OAR 123-674-2100(2).


Amendment is strongly encouraged at any time, even if unnecessary to secure exemption on particular property, whenever information in the submitted Application is significantly inaccurate due to:


An error or omission;


A change in plans; or


New name or mailing address of the Firm/application, because of the companys restructuring or its ownership changing hands, in which case the relevant rights and requirements of authorization automatically transfer along with ownership of the firm; or


Similar reasons.


An authorization renewal statement under ORS 285C.165 shall revise all information in the Application that is no longer accurate, especially with respect to anticipated timing for the investment (see 123-674-3700).


Once the Firm/applicant is authorized, an amendment may not be used to make or alter a determination, waiver, extension or the like under ORS 285C.150, 285C.155, 285C.160, 285C.200(2) or 285C.205.
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