Rule Rule 123-674-8000
ZONE BEGINNINGS & ENDS — Designation or Amendment

Respective to an enterprise zone exemption on qualified property under ORS 285C.170 or 285C.175:


Property or its existing value may not be exempt if prior to the effective date of the zones designation or the locations inclusion in the zone through a boundary change, that value was already:


On the assessment rolls of the county irrespective of location or of ownership/lease; or


Located in the zone or in the process of actual construction, improvement, modification or installation there, excluding what is described in:


OAR 123-674-2000(3) such as site preparation; or


OAR 123-674-2100(1) such as demolition.


A Firm/applicant may make Application and even have it approved before but pending an effective date in section (1) of this rule.


Section (1) of this rule does not pertain, if the site of an authorized business firms (proposed) qualified property was inside a terminated zone under ORS 285C.245(1)(a)(B) or (b) and becomes part of a newly designated or amended zone. In such a case:


The outstanding authorization is automatically transferred to the new zone, if it is otherwise still valid in accordance with OAR 123-674-8100 or 123-674-8200 on the effective date in section (1) of this rule; and


The active or inactive status of the authorization still depends on ORS 285C.165 and the date of the Applications approval or of any statement consistent with OAR 123-674-3700.
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