Rule Rule 123-674-0100

OAR 123-001 (Procedural Rules) contains definitions in addition to the following, as used in this division of administrative rules along with the terms under ORS 285C.050 (Definitions for ORS 285C.050 to 285C.250), such that unless the context demands otherwise:


Annual Employment means the number of employees as averaged over the course of a year of exemption under ORS 285C.175 (Enterprise zone exemption) based on OAR 123-674-4000 (EMPLOYMENT OF FIRMS — Computation of Averages).


Application means the latest revision of Department of Revenue Form OR-EZ-AUTH, 150-303-029, Oregon Enterprise Zone Authorization Application (inclusive of attachments) as filled out and submitted by a business firm to the zone sponsor; it is available at www.oregon.gov/DOR/forms/Pages/default.aspx.


Approval Form means the latest revision of form 150-303-082, Oregon Enterprise Zone Authorization Approval, which is available from the Department of Revenue at www.oregon.gov/DOR/forms/Pages/default.aspx for documenting local authorization of the Firm/applicant.


Claim Employment means the total number of employees on the date when an authorized business firm files its exemption claim under ORS 285C.220 (Exemption claims) or on the corresponding April 1, whichever is earlier.


Current County Wage is the finalized average annual figure under ORS 285C.050 (Definitions for ORS 285C.050 to 285C.250)(4) for all industries and ownerships in the county as most recently released for the Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (QCEW), according to the transition from one year’s figure to the next as determined by the Department. For example, this would typically be for the year before the year preceding the filing of an exemption claim under ORS 285C.220 (Exemption claims) as applicable respective to OAR 123-674-0600 (Compensation & Wage Standards)(1)(a).
(6) Established County Wage is the Current County Wage:
(a) Of the county with the higher or highest wage in the case of an enterprise zone that contains any area in two or more counties, regardless of sponsorship by the county government.
(b) At the time when one of the following effectively occurs (whichever is later):


Application is approved (Firm/applicant is authorized) under ORS 285C.140 (Application for authorization)(6) by completion of the Approval Form as described in OAR 123-674-2500 (Final Processing); or


A statement of authorization renewal is submitted under ORS 285C.165 (Extension of period of authorization)(1), or the exemption claim is initially filed under ORS 285C.220 (Exemption claims) and 285C.225 (Sponsor’s addendum) by an inactively authorized business firm, as described in OAR 123-674-3700 (Renewal of Active Status and Inactive Authorization).


“Estimate” and “estimated,” as used in ORS 285C.140 (Application for authorization), mean current expectations of the owners, managers and executives of an eligible business firm based on the best information available at the time and shall not be construed as binding.


Existing Employment means the number of employees averaged over the entire 12-month period preceding the date on which the Application is submitted under ORS 285C.140 (Application for authorization) based on OAR 123-674-4000 (EMPLOYMENT OF FIRMS — Computation of Averages).


Firm/applicant means a business firm that is seeking to have an Application approved in order to be authorized in an enterprise zone, or that has received approval but not yet begun an exemption under ORS 285C.175 (Enterprise zone exemption).


Preauthorization Conference refers to the meeting between a Firm/applicant and enterprise zone sponsor/local zone manager, to which the county assessor is invited, and to the associated written summary, under ORS 285C.140 (Application for authorization)(4) to (6), as required to take place after submission of the Application and before completion of the Approval Form. The Department shall set forth further guidelines for the Preauthorization Conference, which are hereby incorporated into and made part of these administrative rules by reference, and are available from the Department (Incentives – Economic Development, Business Oregon, State Lands Building Suite 200, 775 Summer Street NE, Salem OR 97301-1280) at www.oregon4biz.com.


Year (including ‘exemption year’) means a calendar year or assessment year from January 1 to December 31 (and not a property tax or government fiscal year unless so specified) consistent with the definitions under ORS 285C.050 (Definitions for ORS 285C.050 to 285C.250)(1) and (23).
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