Rule Rule 123-674-2500
Final Processing

Pursuant to OAR 123-674-2300 (Initial Processing by Local Zone Manager):


The county assessor or county assessment staff to whom the assessor delegates enterprise zone duties shall:


Accept any requisite invitation to a Preauthorization Conference, as feasible and warranted;


Approve or deny the Application within a reasonable time after receiving the Approval Form from the local zone manager;


Fill out and sign the pertinent section of the Approval Form, retain copy for assessor’s records, and return the form to or process it on behalf of the local zone manager, within five or fewer business days after making a decision in subsection (b) of this section; and


Include a written explanation with the materials returned to the local zone manager if denying authorization for any reason in OAR 123-674-2300 (Initial Processing by Local Zone Manager)(2).


The assessor or staff may refuse to approve the Application on condition of receiving reasonably critical information from the Firm/applicant or zone sponsor, including but not limited to resolving a concern raised with the Preauthorization Conference, or of holding an additional meeting if not properly notified of any prior meeting.


If the county assessor denies the Firm/applicant’s authorization, the local zone manager or county assessor shall within 15 or fewer business days after denial:


Refund any authorization filing fee that was paid.


Have the Approval Form and the county assessor’s written explanation sent to the Firm/applicant through certified mail or in such a way that the date of receipt can be verified and have copies distributed to the other entities listed in subsection (5)(a) of this rule.


Pending the completion and inclusion of the following documents as part of the Application (to which they shall be attached), the local zone manager and county assessor shall delay final processing of the Approval Form notwithstanding subsection (1)(c) of this rule:


Written agreement in OAR 123-674-0700 (Written Agreement between Sponsor and Eligible Business Firm) for an extended abatement;


Resolution or resolutions of the governing body or bodies of the zone sponsor for a local waiver of the employment increase requirement in OAR 123-674-4300 (Local Waiver of Employment Increase inside Zone); or


Executed lease or purchase agreement as necessary for OAR 123-674-2100 (Allowably Late Applications)(4).


Subject to both the local zone manager and county assessor approving the Application, as well as wrapping up special circumstances related to section (4) of this rule, the local zone manager or county assessor shall have the completed Approval Form furnished to the Firm/applicant and copies of it and the Application promptly distributed to the:


Department of Revenue and the Department with any attachment to the Application; and


Local contact agency for the First Source Hiring Agreement without Application attachments.
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